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Author(s) Vranic, D., Saupe, D., Richter, J.
Title Tools for 3D-object retrieval: Karhune-Loeve Transform and spherical harmonics
Abstract We present tools for 3D object retrieval in which a model, a polygonal mesh, serves as a query and similar objects are retrieved from a collection of 3D objects. Algorithms proceed first by a normalization step (pose estimation) in which models are transformed into a canonical coordinate frame. Second, feature vectors are extracted and compared with those derived from normalized models in the search space. Using a metric in the feature vector space nearest neighbors are computed and ranked. Objects thus retrieved are displayed for inspection, selection, and processing. For the pose estimation we introduce a modified Karhunen-Loeve transform that takes into account not only vertices or polygon centroids from the 3D models but all points in the polygons of the objects. Some feature vectors can be regarded as samples of functions on the 2-sphere. We use Fourier expansions of these functions as uniform representations allowing embedded multi-resolution feature vectors. Our implementation demonstrates and visualizes these tools.
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