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Author(s) Varga, D., Saupe, D., Sziranyi, T.
Title DeepRN: A content preserving deep architecture for blind image quality assessment
Abstract This paper presents a blind image quality assessment (BIQA) method based on deep learning with convolutional neural networks (CNN). Our method is trained on full and arbitrarily sized images rather than small image patches or resized input images as usually done in CNNs for image classification and quality assessment. The resolution independence is achieved by pyramid pooling. This work is the first that applies a finetuned residual deep learning network (ResNet-101) to BIQA. The training is carried out on a new and very large, labeled dataset of 10,073 images (KonIQ-10k) that contains quality rating histograms besides the mean opinion scores (MOS). In contrast to previous methods we do not train to approximate the MOS directly, but rather use the distributions of scores. Experiments were carried out on three benchmark image quality databases. The results showed clear improvements of the accuracy of the estimated MOS values, compared to current state-of-the-art algorithms. We also report on the quality of the estimation of the score distributions.
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