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Author(s) Stankovic, V., Hamzaoui, R., Saupe, D.
Title Influence of channel fluctuations on optimal real-time scalable image transmission
Abstract Joint source-channel coding systems using scalable source codes and forward error correction allow reliable transmission of multimedia data over noisy channels. The performance of such systems highly depends on the source-channel bit allocation strategy. Rate-based error protection schemes, which maximize the expected source rate are very attractive for real-time applications because the optimization can be done very quickly and is independent of the source. In real-world communication, channel conditions are varying in time. Thus, it is important to frequently update the error protection. For two state-of-the-art joint sourcechannel coding systems, we show that a channel mismatch can lead to a poor performance. We study theoretically and experimentally the dependency of a rate-based optimal protection on the channel statistics and provide an efficient strategy for adjusting the error protection when a channel mismatch occurs.
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