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Author(s) Saupe, D., Lüchtenberg, D., Röder, M., Federolf, C.
Title Analysis and visualization of space-time Variant parameters in endurance sports training
Abstract We develop methods for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization of performance parameters in endurance sports with emphasis on competitive cycling. The goal of our work is to provide methods to improve the performance of athletes in training and in competition. Measurements from a palette of devices, including common bike computers, GPS-recorders, power meters, and spiroergometric devices are combined requiring data fusion and synchronization. In addition, we consider integration of maps with elevation information and areal photographs together with recorded video footage of training courses. We also apply biofeedback methods that require complex data processing. Appropriate ways to jointly present such diverse data need to be developed for their analysis and visualization. A particular challenge is the information visualization of complex multi-dimensional signals of traveling sensors. For the simultaneous visualization of large information quantities we use the "Powerwall" at the University of Konstanz, i.e., a large high resolution display (dimensions 5.20 m x 2.15 m, pixel resolution 4640 x 1920) which offers the display of high resolution terrain data and maps together with static and dynamic parameter sequences from measured training rides or a running biofeedback simulation. The following topics are addressed among others: (1) adaptation of training course profile for laboratory biofeedback simulation, (2) learning of tactic approaches for a given training course profile, (3) evaluation of efficiency of different feedback parameters. The paper surveys some of the initial approaches, in cooperation with the Heart Institute Lahr/Baden, Germany.
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