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Author(s) Ruggeri, M., Saupe, D.
Title Isometry-invariant matching of point set surfaces
Abstract Shape deformations preserving the intrinsic properties of a surface are called isometries. An isometry deforms a surface without tearing or stretching it, and preserves geodesic distances. We present a technique for matching point set surfaces, which is invariant with respect to isometries. A set of reference points, evenly distributed on the point set surface, is sampled by farthest point sampling. The geodesic distance between reference points is normalized and stored in a geodesic distance matrix. Each row of the matrix yields a histogram of its elements. The set of histograms of the rows of a distance matrix is taken as a descriptor of the shape of the surface. The dissimilarity between two point set surfaces is computed by matching the corresponding sets of histograms with bipartite graph matching. This is an effective method for classifying and recognizing objects deformed with isometric transformations, e.g., non-rigid and articulated objects in different postures.
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