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Author(s) Jenadeleh, M., Pedersen, M., Saupe, D.
Title Realtime quality assessment of iris biometrics under visible light
Abstract Ensuring sufficient quality of iris images acquired by handheld imaging devices in visible light poses many challenges to iris recognition systems. Many distortions affect the input iris images, and the source and types of these distortions are unknown in uncontrolled environments. We propose a fast no-reference image quality assessment measure for predicting iris image quality to handle severely degraded iris images. The proposed differential signmagnitude statistics index (DSMI) is based on statistical features of the local difference sign-magnitude transform, which are computed by comparing the local mean with the central pixel of the patch and considering the noticeable variations. The experiments, conducted with a reference iris recognition system and three visible light datasets, showed that the quality of iris images strongly affects the recognition performance. Using the proposed method as a quality filtering step improved the performance of the iris recognition system by rejecting poor quality iris samples.
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