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Author(s) Men, H., Hosu, V., Lin, H., Bruhn, A., Saupe, D.
Title Visual quality assessment for interpolated slow-motion videos based on a novel database
Abstract Professional video editing tools can generate slowmotion video by interpolating frames from video recorded at a standard frame rate. Thereby the perceptual quality of such interpolated slow-motion videos strongly depends on the underlying interpolation techniques. We built a novel benchmark database that is specifically tailored for interpolated slow-motion videos (KoSMo-1k). It consists of 1,350 interpolated video sequences, from 30 different content sources, along with their subjective quality ratings from up to ten subjective comparisons per video pair. Moreover, we evaluated the performance of twelve existing full-reference (FR) image/video quality assessment (I/VQA) methods on the benchmark. In this way, we are able to show that specifically tailored quality assessment methods for interpolated slow-motion videos are needed, since the evaluated methods – despite their good performance on real-time video databases – do not give satisfying results when it comes to frame interpolation
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