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Author(s) Lambers, K., Zingman, I., Saupe, D.
Title Texture segmentation as first step towards archaeological object detection in high-resolution satellite images of the Silvretta Alps
Abstract Since 2007, the Silvretta Archaeological Project in the high Alps on the Swiss-Austrian border has been investigating the prehistoric origins of alpine pasture economy. In an area of about 540 km2 more than 20 well-preserved archaeological sites associated with alpine pastoralism have been recorded, the earliest of them dating to the Iron Age (Reitmaier (ed.), 2012; Walser and Lambers, 2012). All of the ruined huts, cellars and livestock enclosures at these sites are visible on the surface and show a limited range of shapes and proportions. According to their function, all of them are located in open grassland
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