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Author(s) Hamzaoui, R., Saupe, D.
Title Combining fractal image compression and vector quantization
Abstract In fractal image compression, the code is an efficient binary representation of a contractive mapping whose unique fixed point approximates the original image. The mapping is typically composed of affine transformations, each approximating a block of the image by another block (called domain block) selected from the same image. The search for a suitable domain block is time-consuming. Moreover, the rate distortion performance of most fractal image coders is not satisfactory. We show how a few fixed vectors designed from a set of training images by a clustering algorithm accelerates the search for the domain blocks and improves both the rate-distortion performance and the decoding speed of a pure fractal coder, when they are used as a supplementary vector quantization codebook. We implemented two quadtree-based schemes: a fast top-down heuristic technique and one optimized with a Lagrange multiplier method. For the 8 bits per pixel (bpp) luminance part of the 512x512 Lena image, our best scheme achieved a peak-signal-to-noise ratio of 32.50 dB at 0.25 bpp
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