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Author(s) Dahmen, T., Byshko, R., Saupe, D., Röder, M., Mantler, S.
Title Validation of a model and of a simulator for road cycling on real tracks
Abstract Methods for data acquisition, analysis, and modelling of performance parameters in road cycling have been developed. A simulator to facilitate the measurement of training parameters in a laboratory environment has been designed as well as models for performance prediction. The simulation includes real height profiles and a video playback that is synchronised with the cyclist's current virtual position on the track and online visualisation of various course and performance parameters. Field data obtained in this study were compared with the state-of-the art mathematical model for road cycling power, established by Martin et al. in 1998, which accounts for the gradient force, air resistance, rolling resistance, frictional losses in wheel bearings, and inertia. The model was able to describe the performance parameters accurately with correlation coefficients of 0.87-0.95. This study showed that the mathematical model can be implemented on an ergometer for simulating rides on real courses. Comparing field and simulator measurements gave correlation coefficients between 0.66-0.81.
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