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Author(s) Charfi, Y., Stankovic, V., Hamzaoui, R., Saupe, D., Haouari, A.
Title Experiments on joint source-channel fractal image coding with unequal error protection
Abstract We propose a joint source-channel coding system for fractal image compression. We allocate the available total bit rate between the source code and a range of error-correcting codes using a Lagrange multiplier optimization technique. The principle of the proposed unequal error protection strategy is to partition the information bits into sensitivity classes and to assign one code from a range of error-correcting codes to each sensitivity class in a nearly optimal way. Experimental results show that joint source-channel coding with fractal image compression is feasible, leads to efficient pro- tection strategies, and outperforms previous works in this "eld that only covered channel coding with a fixed source rate.
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