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Author(s) Byshko, R., Li, S.
Title Characterization of iPhone Displays: A Comparative Study
Abstract This paper reports a comparative study on evaluating the performance of six display characterization models applied to mobile displays of four Apple iPhones belonging to three different models (3GS, 4 and 4S). The character- ization models evaluated include three PLCC (Piecewise Linear interpolation assuming Constant Chromaticity coordinates) models, the PLVC (Piecewise Linear interpolation assuming Variation in Chromaticity) model, Tamura- Tsumura-Miyake masking model with one principle component (MM) and modified masking model with two principle components (MMM). The results showed that PLCC3, MM and MMM models are among the best models for all tested iPhone displays. Our study also revealed that different models are ranked differently on two iPhones of the same model (iPhone 4), which suggests that the intra-model consistency may be an issue for smart phone displays.
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