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Author(s) Borlikar, A.
Title Real time video transmission for scalable video over the internet
Abstract Due to the fast growth of Internet Video Streaming is emerging an an important application that everybody is interested due to its advantages of lesser wait times. Transmission is of two types, one where the client has to download the entire file before he can view it and the other is streaming where the client views the video stream as the data is being transmitted over the network. In streaming the client only downloads part of the data into his buffer and views it simultaneously while the rest of the data is being downloaded. Depending on the clients application competence (media player) the quality of the picture will vary. In this thesis I have designed one such system where we can transmit an H.263 encoded data stream over the internet. The video encoded stream looses packets over the network due to the traffic on the network mostly at the routers. So this stream needs to be protected to avoid an discomfort at the client's end. In this thesis I have used Digital Fountain Codes (Luby Transform Codes) for error protection of the video stream. This error protected stream is then sent over the network with a protocol called User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The advantage of using this protocol is it does not require retransmissions due to which Real Time Video Streaming is achieved. The retransmissions cause extra delay at the clients side which is not appropriate for Real Time Streaming.
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